We have something exciting to share… Munch Cupboard and Nil Products have been invited to the Governor-General’s Annual Bledisloe Reception held on Waitangi Day at Government House Wellington. Why are we being invited? Well because we were a finalist in the Sustainable Business Network Awards.

We are super excited to go and meet all of the amazing attendees that will be there. Munch doesn’t do anything to get applause or to get invited to events or even get awards. We have core aspects that we live by like:

  1. Sustainable ‘Motherhood’ workforce
  2. Eco-friendly, unique products with strong design elements
  3. Strong advocates for our children

How do we implement these key aspects?

Sustainable ‘Motherhood’ workforce

With all but one of the staff at Munch being mums we fully understand how hard it can be to find work that works around the fam and even then one you enjoy. Our beeswax wraps are made by mummas in their own home. We send the products to them, they wax them for us and then we pick them up. This way mummas can work whilst baby is sleeping or their kids are at school but still be able to enjoy valuable time with baby and the kids.

Eco-friendly, unique products with strong design elements

A lot of our products are biodegradable or plastic free. All of our Beeswax and Vegan Food Wraps are biodegradable. This means once it loses its stick you can just simple chuck it in the compost and there is absolutely no waste.

Our Lunch Bags are also made out of recycled plastic bottles which if I’m being honest I personally think is amazing. Because we are taking something that would just sit on the planet wasting away and actually turning it into something amazing that you can continue to use for years and years.

Strong advocates for our children

We work on many issues that affect our children. One of the ways we do this is with our annual Munch Food Awards which is to raise awareness of the good and the bad in the kids food industry. We also work on many other issues which you can read about here.

We make and stock products that you use more than once, are made with love, and do good for this planet.

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