Another month, another review. We absolutely love hearing what you all have to say about our amazing products. We are also so very lucky to have such amazing influencers review our products and give us their honest opinion. This month we have been oh so lucky to have the amazing Millie from Mama Bears Blog review our beautiful Organic Cotton Baby Swaddle. So here’s what Millie had to say about our Organic Cotton Baby Swaddle.

This gorgeous swaddle from Munch Cupboard comes in a pack of 2. They are made from 100% super soft organic cotton which is free of toxins and hypoallergenic. Organic cotton fabric is extremely soft and luxurious on babies skin.

Millie is completely right about our fabric! The organic cotton we use is extremely luxurious and soft and ideal for use on baby soft skin. Our cotton is also breathable, promoting a deep, comfortable sleep for your baby. The swaddle itself is a great size as it’s a large enough to swaddle baby but it’s also big enough to cover baby in the pram, car seat, use as a burp cloth and even use as a changing mat.

Millie also had this to say:

These swaddles are so breathable; promoting a deep, comfortable sleep for your baby. It has multiple uses – swaddle, pram/car seat cover, play mat, change mat, and a burp cloth. This would be the perfect gift for any expectant Mama. Munch Cupboard stocks an amazing Baby range, definitely worth checking it out!

So why swaddle? Infants who sleep swaddled wake up less often and fall back asleep more quickly. This increases REM sleep by an average of 50%. A well-rested happy baby, means well rested happy parents! So in other words this means a deeper sleep for baby and more sleep for you!

We have a video on our website which shows how to wrap baby in a swaddle so if you do need help make sure you give it a watch here!

To read more about our Organic Cotton Baby Swaddle click the link here!

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