We recently published a blogpost called ‘For the love of teachers‘ where we spoke about the campaign that has been brought out to show support for our teachers. Being a teacher is possibly one of the most rewarding jobs in the world but also one of the hardest. With the amount of stress teachers are put under it’s no wonder we are loosing more and more. Teachers need to be valued more, paid more and all together taken care of a whole lot more.

We were lucky enough to sit down with an amazing teacher called Karen from South Wellington Intermediate School.   She has been teaching for over 20 years and has been instrumental to the development of so many children over this time.  Another one of our mums who are ‘changing the world’!  We were fortunate enough to actually interview her regarding the teaching problems but also gain insight into why she loves what she does.

We are so fortunate to of had this sit down with Karen. But we wonder what can we the general public do to help our teachers and keep them in New Zealand?

We can sign our name on the NZEI campaign that is being sent to the minister of education.

Keeping our teachers here in New Zealand is too important to not care. We have amazing teachers who teach our children amazing life skills. I for one know I learnt so much from all of my teachers.

We have university students training to become our next generation of teachers. But how can we expect them to stay here if we do not value and respect them?

It’s pretty simple. We need to value and respect our teachers.

Almost every week there is a new story out about teacher’s working conditions and how the government is not doing enough. Just last week there was a new story on NewsHub regarding the next strike. It really is time the government steps up and helps our teachers so our children’s children have the same education that we all had.

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