We love hearing what you have to say about our products. Recently we had an amazing review on our Vegan Food Wraps from one of our favourite mummy bloggers Lex from @allergyfreetummynz. Lex had the following to say:
When I heard about @munchcupboard vegan food wraps I was really intrigued. They are 100% biodegradable and made with organic cotton, candelilla wax, New Zealand Manuka oil, and jojoba oil. I also love that they are ethically handmade in NZ through the Outwork model by mothers who find it difficult to obtain work.
Lex is completely right! Our wraps are in fact 100% biodegradable. This means that in 6-12 months when they loose their stickiness you can simply chuck them in your compost.  There is absolutely no waste. Here at Munch we do use the outwork model. Which means we employ mummas who work from home. To read more about it click here. Lex also said:
I’ve been using these wraps over the past week and have been really impressed with how well they seal. They grip really nicely over my metal salad bowls, ceramic bowls and glass bowls without any issues. Plus the designs are gorgeous too!
Our Vegan Food Wraps work exactly like our Beeswax Wraps. They are just as sticky and last just as long except they’re vegan of course. Lastly Lex said:
They are simple to use and clean up easily in a little soapy water and feel very durable. On Sundays I’ll prep up a big batch of food for weeknight dinners and it’s been great to incorporate these wraps into my prep. They are a great low impact kitchen resource and an awesome vegan eco friendly option.
Our Vegan Food Wraps are super easy to clean. All you need to do is wash them in cold soapy water and then hang them over the tap to dry. It’s really that simple.
Our Vegan Food Wraps have been an absolute hit ever since they came out. We are constantly changing the colours and patterns. If you are interested in some of our Munch Vegan Food Wraps click here.
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