We are in the final week of school holidays and we have you completely covered for back to school gear. Here at Munch Cupboard we have so many amazing products that are perfect for back to school. So, on that note let’s begin:


We are all about getting rid of the need for plastic wrap which is why we have an array of products which replace it. Firstly, we have our Litterless Lunch Wraps which are super easy to clean! Simply wipe them down or just chuck them in the wash. These are perfect for the lunchbox but also picnics. They are great for on the go!


Next up we have our amazing Munch Beeswax Wraps. We have been making these for years and like to think we are the expert beeswax company. We have the most amazing formula and they last for 6-12 months and even longer sometimes. Clean-up is simple you simply just clean them in cold soapy water and that’s it. Once they lose their stickiness just chuck them in the compost as they are fully biodegradable. Plus there’s a pattern that everyone will love.


Now we know keeping the lunchbox exciting for the kiddies can be tough but yet again we have you sorted. We have the Munch Lunchbox Cookbook which has so many easy, healthy, cost-effective recipes that all kiddies will love. We also have our e-book Top 10 Lunches which has our top 10 healthy and eco-friendly lunchbox ideas.


We have so many other products which are perfect as well like our Glass Water Bottles, Vegan Food Wraps and so much more.


We hope you have all enjoyed the school holidays as much as we have! We also hope you are all prepared for school next week. Make sure you check out the rest of our range at www.munchcupboard.com.

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