Sour dough starter
  • 100g strong bread flour – wholemeal, white or rye or a mix of all three
  • 100mls warm water
  1. In a large jar mix the flour and the water to make a paste like mixture similar to pva glue in thickness.
  2. Cover with a tea towel and leave on a kitchen bench top.
  3. hours later feed the sourdough starter another 100g of flour and 100mls water.
  4. hours later pour off 200g of starter and feed the sourdough starter another 100g of flour and 100mls water.
  5. Continue to feed the sourdough starter every day for the next week. You will see that there are bubbles starting to form on the surface of your starter and these will increase daily. It will be quite smelly for several days.
  6. When the smell mellows to a sweet, yeasty aroma this is when you know your starter is ready to bake with.
  7. It should look a bit like this with a bubbly surface:
  8. Once the starter is about 10 days old you can keep it in the fridge in an airtight jar using or feeding it a couple of times a week. I tend to leave it out on the bench for 12 hours after feeding the starter before storing in the fridge. If you have been storing your starter in the fridge make sure you take it our 12 hours before baking and refresh it. Pour off 200g and feed it 100g of flour and 100mls water leave it for at least 6 hours before baking.
  9. To save waste I use the 200g I’ve poured off feeding both 200g lots of starter and putting the jar back in the fridge after 12 hours.
This recipe makes 400g of sourdough starter
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