Star girl munch food awards

Here at Munch Cupboard we are exited to announce that the nominations for the 2018 Munch Food Awards are now open!

The Munch Food Awards is a chance for parents and the public to have their say about some of the key issues relating to food products and marketing and the impact this has on children.

This is the fifth year we have run these popular awards.

Munch Food Awards 2018

About the Munch Food Awards 2018

There are six categories in the Munch Food Awards. The winner of each category is then evaluated by our panel of judges to select the Supreme winner.

Results for the Munch Food Awards 2016 and for the previous years are 20152014 and 2013 are a good read.

You can also read what the media has to say about our Munch Food Awards here.

We also have a new Award this year called THE BEST PACKAGED PRODUCT.  This goes to the heart of Munch as we promote eco products and so many products these days have un eco packaging or unnecessary packaging. So we want to celebrate those companies that are really turning their mind to consider how they package their products.  This can either be food products like muesli bars to kitchen products like lunchboxes. This award has replaced the Best Kids Kitchen Product.

The key categories in our awards are:

Best kids food blog

Best  and worst kids food marketing campaign

Best kids food product

Best kids packaged products

Best kids food menu